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Sunday, August 05, 2007


sorry. i dunno wad to blog. changed ur blogskin ald. i'm sleeping now. good night.

Cats meow,so do I:D
12:30 AM

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

1.last place you were---jin ping's house

2. last beverage---Mug.

3. last movie---Jade warrior.

4. last phone call---someone i dunnoe

5. last song played---cant rmb

6. last bubble bath---a very long time ago

7. last time you cried---a very long time ago

8. last time you got scolded---just now

Have you ever.

9. have you ever dated someone twice ur age---Nope

10. have you ever been cheated on money?---Yup

11. have you ever kissed someone you shouldn't---Yup

12. have you ever kissed someone you regret---Yup

13. have you ever fallen in love---Yup

14. have you ever lost someone--Yup

15. have you ever been depressed---Most of the time

Things you did in the past threedays.

1. sleepover---Nope

2. taken a picture---Nope

3. got highlights---Nope

4. watched movies---Yup

5. had sex---Nope

6. bought sneakers---Nope

7. taped something---Nope

Three, Favorite colors.

1. White

2. Green

3. Blue

Two things you want to do before youdie.

1. See my grandson or daughter

2.See my parent live a good life...


1. Sex before marriage?---........

2. Gay Marriage---If my love life continue like that

3. Lowering the drinking age?---Anything...dun drink..

4. Abortion---Cruel

5. Recycling?---Should...see

So Far in '06

I hadGotten shitty grades---Erm...(my dad) yar..(Me) Its ok...

Fallen out of love---THROWN OUT...=(

Done something you swore never to do---Not sure

Laughed until you cried--Think so

Went behind your parents back--Yup

Lost a friend---Yup (Very good friend to just someone i one....)

Kept your new years resolution---Except one...(Xiang ming say its 5% my fault. So...i'm sorry too)

Forgot your new years resolution---Nope

Met someone who changed your life---Yup

Changed your outlook on life---Nope (it still sux)

Gotten close to someone---Away from someone

Given up something important to you---Very important

Found out who your true friends were---The rest still are...except one...

Cats meow,so do I:D
2:42 AM

Saturday, December 16, 2006

My holidays are boring...Although there are many chalets, only few was really fun...(i lose my mobilephone in one of them)...sad...I'll going to catholic junior college soon..Hope i can do well in everything i do in there...unlike wad i did in secondary school life...Well..let just say i hope all the good things in my secondary school life can continue to my jc life...
All the best for my GP...

Cats meow,so do I:D
12:10 AM

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stones are strong and hard to crack...butterflies are fragile and soft...How can something so different live together in harmony...However to some stones, butterflies are the ones who are tough to comprehen...they fly about everwhere anywhere and land...Stones just get whatever in front of them or beside them...come to think of it...Are stones the ones who are fickle minded or issit the butterflies??No one really noes the answer...But to a lonely stone in this world..the relationship between stones and butterflies is just like a fairy tale...a dream...a nightmare...When can this hollow stone find a flower who is stable for it to protect and support??Hope this day come soon....

Cats meow,so do I:D
1:04 AM

Tonight's weather is bad...the haze and everything...i feel hot but cold, cold but cant sleep..obviously...My friend is going to break up on his relaionship...I've been thinking...wad is realtionship to people nowadays...Girls are like butterflies...Boys are like stones...There are many different kinds of stones..some even come in beautiful colours..Even so...they are just landing spots for butterflies...How can stones make butterflies stop and appreciate their beauty?How can stones get its very own butterfly??....Throwing themselves at the butterfly hurting it?Glue them on ur smooth surface but complex interior?Or even snatch it from other stones?..Why must stones put up a "cool" outlook??..Does it really attracts the butterflies??To my friend, it isn't really the case..In matter of fact many stones are just hollow...empty inside...Some butterflies dun need stones to live...but y does stones need them??A lonely stone in this world questions about...

Cats meow,so do I:D
12:26 AM

Combine humunities---A1
Unknown subject-----F9(close to ungraded) :(
HeHe!!Hope i can get better results in my 'O' levels...
I know some people will say that i'm showing off...but i'm just copying wad some other people is doing....^^....There is always someone better than mi...

Cats meow,so do I:D
12:10 AM

Friday, September 22, 2006

You want to stay with me in the morning You only hold me when I sleep, I was meant to tread the water Now I've gotten in too deep, For every piece of me that wants you Another piece backs away.
Cause you give me something That makes me scared, alright, This could be nothing But I'm willing to give it a try, Please give me something 'Cause someday I might know my heart.

You already waited up for hours Just to spend a little time alone with me, And I can say I've never bought you flowers I can't work out what the mean, I never thought that I'd love someone, That was someone else's dream.

'Cause you give me something That makes me scared, alright, This could be nothing But I'm willing to give it a try, Please give me something, 'Cause someday I might call you from my heart, But it might me a second too late, And the words I could never say Gonna come out anyway.

'Cause you give me something That makes me scared, alright, This could be nothing But I'm willing to give it a try, Please give me something,

'Cause you give me something That makes me scared, alright, This could be nothing But I'm willing to give it a try, Please give me something 'Cause someday I might know my heart. Know my heart, know my heart, know my heart

Cats meow,so do I:D
3:38 PM

Friday, September 15, 2006

Part 2...Will she be happy with mi??I hope i can give wadeva she wants...Oh yar..For those hu just broke up from a realtionship..Listen to this song(no promises)...Then hor...Will ok de...At least it is to mi la...Then hor...if it is true to u must tag mi...then can confirm...thx..
lol...Anyway today's bio practical is a murder..i think everyone in biology will just did not know the trick of pouring faster without measuring again and again.. (teacher never say)...After the practical then say...why didn't i think of it...haizz...Then wad??..Then...cannot do fast lor..Then wad then...Lame!!! i can do well in my bio theory paper so can push up the marks...I'm aimming A1 lei..wad liao...

Cats meow,so do I:D
7:45 PM

Saturday, September 09, 2006

lol....i was massaging my mum just now...After all that massaging...I was kidding that i would charge $50 for it...she was shocked that i've changed..."waa..weizhou..when did u become so money-minded(in chinese)??"(quoting from my mum)...Then my bro said:"after he broke up with his girlfriend"..Then my mum said:"Weizhou..dun like that ar..u will find one hu will dump her boyfriend for u(in chinese)." dun want to break up other ppl like that..i would not start a relationship with this sort of girl unfaithful..)Wad shocked mi most is, how did my mum noe my girlfirend dump mi and left mi for another guy??lol....when did she noe this??My brother and sister did not tell her anything..How did she even noe i HAD a girlfriend???...did noe tell my mum really can see through i'm not money-minded love my mum...She said i could find another one i love...Dun worry..(emo)in my i just feel like telling her, i'm not sure...I've found one before...but will she......
To be continue....

Cats meow,so do I:D
3:21 PM


Halo to anyone reading my blog!I'm wei zhou, 17 this year.I love to be out in the sun doing sports(if i have the time) computer gaming too.However i still prefer sleeping the most.Quite a nice guy i would importantly..I'm




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